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You do not know each other but you have all been invited to a mysterious dinner party by an unknown host in the famous Mystery Mansion. The night turns fatal as one of the guests is murdered shortly after dinner. What’s even more frightening is the realization that the killer is amongst you.

Is it the mild-mannered doctor, the wise judge, the flirtatious maid, or the loyal butler? You must find out by the end of the night before the killer strikes again.

It’s been 15 years since you’ve graduated from high school and it’s time to reunite and catch up with your former classmates to see how everyone is doing and what everyone has become.

Unfortunately, the reunion will turn deadly as a killer is amongst you waiting to strike at his victim.

Stay alert and use your detective skills to uncover the murderer before the end of the night.

More mysteries to come

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How to book?
    • Choose your mystery
    • Finalize the date, time, venue, and headcount of participants
    • Email
  • 2. How much is Murder Manila?
    • Price starts at PHP 10,000 for 8 people then additional PHP 500/head for every person in excess.
  • 3. What are the inclusions?
    • The package includes the following:
      • A mystery that can be played for 2 hours, complete with individual roles, objectives, and other pertinent guidelines for each player such as costume and background story per character.
      • A gamekeeper/facilitator and host for the mystery solving portion.
      • Minor props such as clues, play money, and detective kits needed for the mystery.
      • Free Mystery Manila shirts for the fastest solver, best actor, best in costume, and the one with most play money left at the end of the game.
      • Free Mystery Manila stickers for all participants.

What is Murder


We offer a memorable and
one-of-a-kind activity perfect
for any private occasion.
Experience a murder mystery
where you and your guests
will play the victim, suspects
and murderer.


We can customize the party for you! Groups of 8 to 30, or even more personal or corporate functions

Choose a venue of your choice, or we can suggest one for you

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    How do I play Murder Manila?


    With all the clues that were presented, decide on who is the suspect for the crime and help the good guys capture the bad guys.


    Everyone at your party is guilty! Mingle with potential victims, allies or killers. Get to know their dirty little secrets.


    From all the clues gathered, analyze and deduce who do you think is the mastermind. 

    Download: Murder Manila Package.pdf